noun  The force that makes something happen.

Through this project, we work to unpack the intentions behind our movement to (re)imagine, (re)create, and (re)encounter dance. We strive to be in a constant search for new inspirations, allowing us to constantly question the choreographies, interpretations, and performances that embody our narratives.


MIGGY ESTEBAN | Artistic Director

Jose Miguel (Miggy) Esteban is a Filipino-Canadian contemporary dance/movement artist and educator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His work has been featured at various Toronto events including Your Dance Fest, The Space Toronto’s art parties, RAW: natural born artists, the Fringe Club, New Blue Festival of Emerging Dance, Fever After Dark, productions by DARK Dance Company and Army of Sass, and various self-produced showings.

Along with his artistic pursuits, Miggy is an educator who advocates for the importance of the arts to provide a holistic educational experience that supports the development of the mind, body and spirit.  He is currently a Master of Education student in the Department of Social Justice Education of OISE at the University of Toronto.  His research engages with disability studies, dance/performance studies, and cultural studies to explore how embodiments of dance and movement can act as windows into the social, cultural and political settings in which they appear and exist.

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